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We started our fight for a Village Green in 2015 and despite several set-backs we are still fighting!


Read about our journey so far below.


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  • Save a wonderful green space for the local community, protecting it in perpetuity
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Limmerhill Field at the rear of the Leathern Bottle Public House

Recognition of Footpaths


Registration as a Village Green

  • This field has offered a great place for local residents to meet together for leisure and a host of recreational activities.


  • Now this field has been fenced off completely. We are being kept out of a field we have used for some 30 years or more.


  • We need to protect one of the last green open spaces in Wokingham.

Our Journey So Far ...

A lot has happened since we first made the Village Green application in May 2015.

First, as a result of an objection from the then new owner of the land (a London based property company), Wokingham Borough Council "WBC" ordered a public hearing.

In December 2016 a seven-day public hearing was held to discuss the legal merits of the application. Our barrister at the hearing was Dr Ashley Bowes of Cornerstone Barristers, who is a specialist in Village Green applications.

Despite the fact that the land had been used substantially over the period required to qualify as a Village Green, it was argued by the other party at the hearing that most of the use had been "footpath use". We learnt later from Dr Bowes that this is a common legal ploy when trying to defeat Village Green applications. In our case this was particularly galling since these "footpaths" were all over the land and had never even existed until people used the land! Nevertheless, the Inspector directing the hearing decided to discount most of the use as footpath use (which meant it could not be counted as village green use!) and recommended to Wokingham Borough Council (WBC) that the application be refused.

In March 2018 WBC held a meeting to discuss the Inspector's findings and recommendation. The first part of the meeting started in public and a large group of local people gathered to hear the discussions. The majority of the Committee appeared sympathetic to our case but then they were all requested by the Chairman to withdraw to continue discussions in private and then vote. We learnt the following day from WBC that our application was rejected but very little explanation was given about why the vote went the way it did. Also, no official recording of the public meeting was made.

and now ...

This brings us up to the present day. We have not given up! We were advised by Dr Bowes that the manner in which the WBC Committee meeting was conducted was not legal. We have decided to take the WBC decision to judicial review with the aim of getting it quashed.  If we are successful then WBC would be required to hold a new meeting, but fully in public this time and with the evidence of village green usage being properly discussed.

Our barristers are finalising their “skeleton” legal arguments which will be required for the next stage of the process.

We would like to thank everyone who has contributed funds to our case so far. As you see we are making good progress towards meeting our initial target by the end of this month.


The application for recognition of the footpaths in the field is continuing alongside the Village Green registration. Many thanks to all of you who completed evidence forms and maps for that.

Contact us:  limmerhillwalking@btinternet.com

Thank You!